Our Mission...

To promote local culture and community through the support of local merchants.


Aaron Gopp

Aaron is a Tucson native and a University of Arizona graduate.  He has a background in software design and development.

Local Favorites:

  • Favorite Taco: Tacos Porfis
  • Favorite Bar: Che's
  • Favorite Breakfast: Nook

aaron@localoop.co | @aaron_gopp

Parry Vugteveen

Parry was born in California, raised in Michigan and has lived in Tucson since 1998.  He is a software engineer and a part time bass player.

Local Favorites:

  • Favorite Taco: BK (on 12th)
  • Favorite Bar: Bashful Bandit
  • Favorite Breakfast: Baja Cafe

parry@localoop.co | @plvugteveen